December 2019 Update

New Building Update
The Building Committee is pleased to give you an update regarding the progress of our new building. We were blessed to have raised over one million dollars by way of your generous donations, as
well as grants we received from the DeVos Foundation. As some of you may be aware, Rich and
Helen DeVos have both recently passed, and the DeVos Foundation has been dissolved. We have
now received the grant funding and have it in an interest-bearing account as we move forward. It
has always been a priority of the committee to construct this new building without going into
debt. After many months of work getting estimates, drawings, making revisions, and seeking additional funding to build the school we originally had planned. We feel that God is leading us in a
little different direction, and we are trusting Him as we take this new path. We have gone back to
the drawing board, so to speak, and are moving forward with this new plan. The Building Committee has worked diligently with both the architect and engineers who are presently developing
construction drawings for our new building that are in line with our finances. Our architect is
working on code review and regulations governing the construction drawing process. Mechanical
and electrical engineers have been contacted, and meetings will
be scheduled with them in the upcoming months. Site surveys
have been completed, and our civil engineer will be completing a
site plan showing our new proposed building and everything
related to it. Once these items are complete, the project will be
reviewed by the Banks Township Zoning Board. We feel as a
committee that we are steadily moving forward towards final
construction drawings that will allow us to begin the bidding
process and an opportunity to seek contractors that are willing
to construct our project. We appreciate all of your support, both
financially and spiritually, to this point. As we move forward
following God’s direction, we continue to ask for your prayers
and financial support. If you would like more information regarding the Ebenezer building project or would like to contribute, please contact Theresa Drenth or Brad Carey on the building

Concept Drawing Decision

Good Morning!  The Ebenezer new building committee and school board have decided on our concept drawing for our new building.  Attached is the concept we have decided to go with thru Edgewater Design Group.  Please note this is only a concept and not our final drawings.  Now that a concept has been selected, the new building committee will begin meeting with Edgewater to draft final drawings.  There will be opportunities for input from our supporters as well.  Thank you for your prayers and support that have gotten us to this point.  We appreciate your continued prayers as we move forward with the exciting project.

Edgewater Design Group Concept Drawing


We are so close!!

We are so close to reaching our $100,000.00 matching grant goal for our new school!  We are currently only $7,765.00 away!  God is certainly blessing Ebenezer and we are so excited to reach this goal and take the next steps towards our new building.  Thank you for your continued support of Ebenezer!

December 2016 Update

We are getting VERY close to our challenge grant goal of $100,000.00!  We are just about $20,000.00 away from reaching $100,000.00 since the challenge was given to us back in March!!  We are very excited to be moving forward with this project.  We are awaiting proposed drawings from a couple of different firms which are expected over the next several weeks.  Thank you for all of your support of Ebenezer and this exciting new phase!!img_15462

We’re Growing!

Ebenezer Christian School has been blessed by a generous grant and donations from the DeVos Foundation and family and friends like you to be used towards a new school building.  This site is intended to keep you up to date on our progress as we go through this process together.  Here is the latest information:

Last month, we sent out letters to our alumni, family and friends filling them in on the future of Ebenezer and asking for their prayers and monetary donations towards our goal of raising an additional $100,000 to meet the DeVos Foundations matching grant challenge.  The current donation amount is $15,485.00.  Our building committee is securing bids for a company to come in and do some initial planning with the teachers, staff, and other interested parties.  We hope to have those in and ready for this fall.  So far we have met with Kingscott and have a bid from them, we have also met with Edgewater Design Group and they are putting a proposal together.  Steve Rosema is working with his contacts and we think a third bid will be coming from that direction.

We ask for your continued prayers and support during this big project and will work to keep you up to date as plans progress.

God is so good!


Ebenezer Christian School Family